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Trading System Signals on 01/24/2023

The hypothetical trading system signals for the 250K Portfolio (50 Strategy Portfolio) were -$6,345 and down about -$5,800 on the week but up about $2,200 since released on 1/12/2024 and tracked on 1/15/2024. We are waiting for a drawdown entry point between 10-12K. We may add two of the V-Reversal strategies that we released today based on some final research. Additionally, there are some other signals I am researching based on the sharp reversals that do well on the short side.

Gold had a nice short trade for about +$1,175 but Crude Oil had two losses for about -$1,175.

The hypothetical trading system signals for the Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-mini was -$6,862.50

They hypothetical trading system signals for the Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro was -$683.75

Nasdaq futures took out all-time highs intra-day with an overnight gap and a strong bid until about 1300 EST before pulling back into the close. NVDA surged today. The market felt parabolic and the mid-day reversal makes sense.

We knew the market wanted all-time highs. Now what? While the S&P and Nasdaq still closed up on the day (the Russell 2000 was down), the VIX moved from below 12.50 to above 13.00 by the close. This is a slight VIX Divergence. The market has been in stealth bull mode since the beginning of November with many gains at night or at the very end of the day.

The new V-Reversal Trading System update is here. We will send updates out soon on how this affects the portfolios. All portfolio subscribers received the 5 V-Reversal strategies.

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