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Trading System Signals on 01/25/2024

The 250K Portfolio, (50 Strategies) was down -$775 on the day. The drawdown level since the last equity peak (on Tuesday) is $7,120 (and up about $1,100 total since the release and tracking on 1/16/2024). It is down -$6,600 on the week. We are waiting for a 10-12k drawdown to start. We may get an entry tomorrow if the opening trade is choppy. We are still dealing with relatively static, low VIX markets. The VIX settled at 13.45 and was up again today. The Russell and S&P futures were also up while the Nasdaq futures were down.

The biggest win was the Momentum Reversal NQ with a nice short on the Nasdaq. Overall, the Nasdaq strategies were down -$1,820 while the S&P was up +$150. Crude Oil was up $895 with two strategies trading.

These are hypothetical results that we are tracking for a cyclical drawdown entry.

The Stock Index Portfolio is still recommended for live trading. The hypothetical results are below.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-mini was down - $2,430 on the day. We are waiting for a bounce in this setup. Tomorrow is Friday and can be one of the better trend days. We are overdue for a good distribution day and some short selling profits. Last Friday was one of the best days we have seen in a while with a gap up. We are looking for a bounce in performance or we will adjust the strategies. Adaptive Moving Average is struggling in the low VIX environment and one of the top strategies to remove from the Portfolio.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro was down -$199.50 on the day and took the same trades as the E-minis but did better based on a much lower long entry price on DT-M4 S&P trading system, entering at 4908.25 in the MES instead of 4916.75 in the ES.

The V-Reversals were down on the day as well. V-Reversal IV was down -$500. V-Reversal I did not trade. These two strategies are being considered. If they were in the portfolios, there would be an additional -$500 to count towards today's losses and drawdown.

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