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Trading System Signals on 02/21/2024

We did not trade live today. It was a choppy trading day with FOMC Minutes as well as anticipation of NVDA earnings after the close today. While we wait for NVDA earnings, you have to wonder what it's like to be Jensen Huang, CEO of NVDA, knowing that your net worth will probably change by billions in one direction or another today.

The strategies we are targeting and will target again tomorrow are Viper NQ and Soybeans DayTrader III. These strategies did not signal a trade.

The 250K, 67 strategy portfolio would have been down -$5,543.75 per contract.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Emini shows hypothetical signals of +$245

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro shows hypothetical signals of +$25

The Chop NEWS and Chop II NEWS called the market at nearly every turn today. Chop II NEWS is in the 250K Portfolio as well.

We published a video today on the idea of "What if we took long only trades after 11 am".

The market is certainly choppy at the open and it is difficult to short. This approach (long entries only, after 11 am) has been working best and what we have actually been discussing based on the afternoon rallies we have seen. Today is another prime example. Divergent chop all day long at 15:22, the market made about a 150 point move in 38 minutes. I have seen rallies off of that time so many times. The only significant thing I see about 15:22 (sometimes it is 15:23), is that there are a Fibonacci number of minutes (38) left until the cash close. Algos have been known to work on such basic and simplistic ideas.

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