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Trading System Signals on 11/22/2023

We did not trade live on Wednesday 11/22/2023, the day before Thanksgiving. The Stock Index Portfolio 27 was down -$4,355 (hypothetical signals) with a current drawdown of -$4,457 out of a $22,520 max drawdown. The Portfolio 48 was down -$4,280 (hypothetical signals) with a current drawdown of -$5,857 out of $24,555 max drawdown.

On Wednesday, the market initially surged and then pulled back towards Tuesday's close for a choppy session.

We did not trade on Thursday or Friday since the stock market was closed on Thursday and only open half a day on Friday. Both days landed on a DontTradeOnHolidays for our trading systems so there were no signals to track.

This is the last week of trading in November with Friday, being the first trading day of December. We are waiting for a drawdown entry alert to go live. A 10-12K drawdown would be a good entry point for both portfolios.  

The Nasdaq is very close to highs on the year. We have already had a massive rally in November. It is possible we could see a choppy stealth move higher to highs on the year before profit taking in December and another leg down similar to October.

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