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Trading System Signals on 12/05/2023

The market remains in VIX crush mode with any selling propped up in the afternoon. The last couple of days, the market ranges have narrowed into the close with very little movement in the afternoon. The stock indexes remain range bound.

The 250K Portfolio hypothetical results are +$2,030.50 on the day and about -$700 on the week. The S&P was up +$500, the Nasdaq was up +$1,055, Silver was up +$975, Gold was -$825, while Crude Oil was +$325 taking 3 trades on the day, all on the short side going 2 for 3. The Crude Oil trades captured a nice counter trend move using the SR CounterTrend trading system.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 hypothetical results were up today at $2,227.50 to hit equity peaks while the Stock Index Portfolio Micro hypothetical results were up today +$220, taking the same trades as the E-minis.

IMPORTANT SUBSCRIBER UPDATE: It is important to make sure the stop loss and profit target for Mirror 2020 NQ and MNQ are correct. For NQ, the stop loss should be $1,200 and profit target should be $2,000. For MNQ, the stop loss should be $120 and the profit target should be $200. The settings were wrong in the workspaces I was tracking.

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