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Trading System Signals on 12/20/2023

The hypothetical trade signals for the 250K Portfolio, Portfolio 52 was -$8,285. The massive contraction in volatility over the last 11 days followed by an expansion to the downside, generated a sloppy market environment. Shortly after I posted a youtube video about a new record of both consecutive higher highs and higher lows in the Nasdaq, the market rolled over and took out the last 3 days lows.

We are updating the Portfolio 52 to Portfolio 53 since we are adding one Gold strategy, EVP-2 that improves the risk over drawdown. The current drawdown in the Portfolio 53 is 17,495 out of a worse case drawdown of 26,727.50.

We have not traded much in the last month. Piecing the portfolios together for November 17 and December 12, the result would have been -$2,200 for the Portfolio 48--> Portfolioi 52--> Portfolio 53. Since we have not traded live, I am keeping the Portfolio 53 data a December 12.

There is also a drawdown alert in the Stock Index Portfolio 27. It was down today -$8.717.50 with a 16.6k drawdown out of a max drawdown of approximately 23K. This give us room to hold through a worse case drawdown for a bounce.

We go over all the details and trades in the video.

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