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Trading System Signals on 12/21/2023

The 250K Portfolio was down -$1,700 in live trading today for our first trading day back in awhile. The hypothetical results were -$2,077.50.

The overnight rally front ran most of the day trade opportunity. The market is working hard to get back to those highs from yesterday and stay there. The Nasdaq futures had nice gains while the S&P, Silver, and Crude Oil were all down on the day. The P/L between the S&P and Nasdaq in live trade was about -$200. The main losses on the day were the Cobra Crude Oil loss of -$725 and the SR CounterTrend Silver loss of -$825.

I anticipated a continuation or reversal rally from yesterday's close and a more trendy market intra-day either up or down. The market rally at night took away from the day trade opportunity and energy with mostly a sideways market intra-day. The end of day trend is the one that is the strongest lately. There was a time period this year when the trend was at the beginning of the day with chop at the end of the day. That pattern has reversed so that we see chop at the beginning of the day with trends at the end of the day. It is possible we could see another rally overnight to yesterday's highs on the last trading day before the Christmas holiday on Monday.

The market certainly seems unjustly high and overbought and overly determined not to "breathe" or give anything back. This can make markets more difficult in the short term. We take long and short trades intra-day and are certainly glad to capture the long side in a market that should be going down instead so that we have more capital to short the market when the time is right. The trend is higher and I anticipate higher prices into the end of the year with reality potentially hitting in Q1 of 2024 and another sell off.

The hypothetical results for the Stock Index Portfolio Emini was -$472.50. 

The hypothetical results for the Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micros was -$280.25. The Micro Nasdaq trades were the same as the Eminis but the DT-M4 Micro ES had a loss of -$122.50 while the E-mini version had a gain of $1,112.50. I will be taking a deeper look at the difference between Micros and Eminis on DT-M4 and send an update if I can find a closer match.

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