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Trading System Signals on February 28, 2022 - Fake Rally Mode

We are still in research mode but post some of the hypothetical signals we are tracking and show an updated preview of the portfolio we are working on.

50K Portfolio, 1 Micro SI 40 (HYPOTHETICAL) = -$175

200K Portfolio, 2 Micro SI 40 (HYPOTHETICAL) = -$350

(Based on open positions that can change by the close)

The market continues to rally for the wrong reason in my opinion. You can see the euphoria from the dip buyers trying to recreate the V bottom pandemic low rallies in 2020 that came with massive stimulus. There are times when that dip buying machine is on and stays on longer than it should, creating some wide ranging chop.

The biggest issue for the bulls is not geopolitical but monetary policy head winds for now. The idea of World War III and nuclear warfare would change that quite a bit.

Our best trade signals on the day were long trade signals. We will join rallies and sell offs even when we don't agree with them since we are short term traders. Another 250-500 point rally in the Nasdaq could set up some nice short trades.

Small down day on the last trading day of the month after winning days on Wed-Fri of last week based on the hypothetical signals. The Stock Index Portfolio is up slightly since it was recommended on February 4th.

I am still working on some revisions to adjust for wider ranging volatility. It is a slow process testing many strategies on 1 minute bars back to 2007.

Going with less active strategies, larger or variable stop losses, and max daily entries improve the results. I am cutting back on overnight and long only strategies as well.

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