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Trading System Signals on January 27, 2022 - Stock Indexes are the Strength

50K Portfolio with 1 Micro NQ 20 (LIVE) = +$575

200K Portfolio with 2 Micro NQ 20 (LIVE) = +$1,150

50K Portfolio (HYPOTHETICAL) =-$975

200K Portfolio (HYPOTHETICAL) = +$880


UPDATE: After AAPL Earnings, NQ caught a bid so the final results when all positions are flat: 50K Portfolio with 1 Micro NQ 20 (LIVE) = +$350 200K Portfolio with 1 Micro NQ 20 (LIVE) = +$700


We are trading the Micros Portfolios right now for the 50K and 200K but still tracking the 50K and 200K. The stock indexes continue to be strong and we show that in the 200K Portfolio how ES and NQ were up on the day while Crude and Gold were losers. We have an exhaustive wide ranging channel as bulls and bears battle for control. We are waiting for more clarification on the trend.

The natural trend seems to be lower but distortion exists with excess liquidity and constant propping of the stock market via the Fed and Wall Street. We have short term strategies and we will trade it either way and both ways on any given day. The recent volatility has been extreme and the reason we have scaled down to Micros. A $200,000 futures account starts to look really small in this type of volatiliy and why we like to trade small or not all right now.

We are still looking for accelerated selling if we take out Monday's lows and we still haven't seen any real capitulation in my opinion. Tomorrow is Friday though and the market could just go flat.

AAPL earnings are also about to be released.

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