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Trading System Signals on June 9, 2022 - Short Selling before CPI

50K Portfolio 1 Micro SI 25 (LIVE) = +$200 200K Portfolio 6 Micro SI 25 (LIVE) = +$1,200

3 out of 4 S&P strategies were profitable 3 out of 8 Nasdaq strategies were profitable

6 out of 12 of our strategies were profitable today

After nearly 10 days of range bound price action since Memorial Day, the market finally broke out of its range before the CPI Inflation report tomorrow at 7:30 am CST, 8:30 am EST.

There is an anticipation of hotter than expected inflation numbers for tomorrow and some Fed speak this afternoon probably caused some of the sell off.

There was an extreme amount of chop at the open as the market continues to try to posture and present itself as a market that is about to move higher. The end of day shorts really paid off as it brought us back from a down day to a positive day.

It has been a challenging trading period to see stop running price action for this long. The breakout of the range provided us with some nice gains on our shorts.

Yesterday we said we wanted to see how our strategies responded to a breakout of the range. The breakdown of the narrow trading range was good for our strategies as the response were some nice shorts. The only regret I had today was not having more shorts.

We released two new strategies this week and it would have been a good day to start VT NQ - which had a nice short of nearly 100 Nasdaq points.

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