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Trading System Signals on March 4, 2022 - Trading Like its Summer

200K Portfolio 1 Micro SI 25 (LIVE) = -$535

We phased into a 3rd micro contract on the last trade of the day.

We will be trading 3 micros per 200K on Monday and 1 micro per 50K on Monday. The Micro Stock Index 25 had strong results in Jan and Feb. We are phasing in during a drawdown. It was surprising to see the market trade like a slow summer day in the last hour of trade considering the threat of a nuclear catastrophe last night, the first real threat of World War III, commodities at all time highs pointing to inflation, and the Fed set to raise interest rates.

Thoughts of a plunge protection team somewhere come to mind as well as the markets desire to be contrary just for the sake of being contrary.

The Fed is behind the curve and playing with fire by not being more pro active on inflation. To raise only 0.25 at the next meeting still leaves at least 28, 0.25 rate hikes to catch up (by my count). It would be great to see a surprise at the next meeting to at least 0.50% with 1.00% an even better number. I'm sure it won't happen though as the Fed thinks it has to pacify the stock market.

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