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Trading System Signals on March 8, 2022 - 58 Reversals and Popping and Propping Stocks

50K Portfolio 1 Micro SI 25 (LIVE) = -$860

200K Portfolio 3 Micro SI 25 (LIVE) = -$2,475

Hypothetical 1 Micro SI 25 = -$670

We are down -$370 on the week per micro in the 50K and down about -$200 per micro on the 200K as we increased our position from 3 micros to 6 micros on the day, bringing the average down.

The net loss on the week in the 200K is about -$1,205 since we had gains yesterday.

Overall we underperformed the hypotheticals today with a fast overnight market and a synchronization error on NightTrader. Typically NightTrader doesn't trade more than once but it took 3 trades last night. I manually exited and turned off automation.

The market made a parabolic move down and hit our stop loss shortly after we entered, it then re-entered on the same bar and hit the profit target again on the same one minute bar. There were 3 signals on a 1 minute bar with an $800 range per contract.

The markets had massive chop the rest of the day as there is a massive force trying t support this market.

The Nasdaq is down 21% and officially in bear market territory. This has to be the slowest bear market I have ever seen. Typically markets go up slowly (up the escalator) and down quickly (down the elevator). This market has done the opposite.

There were 58 zig zag reversals of 1/3rd of 1% moves or more.

Adaptive Moving Average is a highlight as it had a big short yesterday and called many reversals today.

The market had many counter trend rallies and has been in the mode where it will make a low between 5-20 points on the NASDAQ and then rally 150-200 points. Today there was a 550 point Nasdaq rally and 150 S&P rally after the headline that the Ukraine would no longer request to be a part of NATO. This rally also came shortly after President Biden announced the US would no longer purchase oil from Russia.

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