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Trading System Signals on May 2, 2024

We did not trade live today and have not traded live this week as we are waiting for a -25K or -2.5% drawdown in the One Million MNS 110 after hitting equity peaks last Friday. Going into today the One Million MNS 110 was in a -18K or -1.8% drawdown. The One Million MNS 110 was up about 1% on the day in hypotheticals.

The drawdown has been cut in half to -0.8%, or -$8K since last Friday's equity peaks. The One Million MNS 110 hypotheticals for yesterday on Fed Day was -$21K or -2.1%. We do not count Fed Days since our portfolio strategy includes not trading on Fed Days.

The Stock Index Portfolio 18 was down -$400. The drawdown is about -$8,400 from last Friday's equity peaks. We recommend waiting for a 10-15K drawdown to start the Stock Index Portfolio 18.

The SR CounterTrends captured some good trades in Gold and Crude Oil today while there were losses in Silver.

We continue to track the hypothetical equity curve for a good entry point.

AAPL earnings are released today at 4:30 pm EST and the Jobs Friday/Employment Situation is at 8:30 am EST tomorrow morning. Jobs Friday can generate some volatility and chop.

Soybeans were up 2.6% today while Cocoa was down -11.4% and Coffee was down -4.5%. Big moves in the Softs and Grains.

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