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Trading System Signals on May 9, 2024

The Stock Index Portfolio 18 hypothetical results were down -$2,902.50 and the portfolio is in a -11K drawdown based on hypothetical results. Waiting for a -15K drawdown is a good entry point to start trading live.

The One Million MNS 110 was down -0.5% today or -$5K today. This put the portfolio in a -2% drawdown. Waiting for another -1-1.5% drawdown would be a good entry point. This could occur intra-day.

We continue to research the markets and consider other markets and other strategies. Bonds SR CounterTrend II v2 M shows some positive results. Gap Fill and Reverse E-mini S&P and E-mini Nasdaq are also some good strategies to consider.

Soybeans DayTrader took some nice shorts today.

Looking at some data on the SGX to potentially trade the markets in Asia as well.

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