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Trading Sytems Portfolio Setup for July 2024 and Q3

The second quarter ends tomorrow and we start a new month and new quarter on Monday. The question is, "What should I trade in Q3, 2024", starting on July 1.

We like what has been working, the Stock Index Portfolio 18, with 3 small modifications:

1.) Turn on shorts for V-Reversal COMB 24

2.) Remove VSD NQ

3.) Add Gap Continuation GC

These are minor adjustments. This portfolio includes 5 E-mini S&P trading systems, 10 E-mini Nasdaq trading systems, 2 Gold trading systems, and 1 Silver trading system.

The market allocation includes 56% E-mini Nasdaq, 28 E-mini S&P, 11% Gold, and 5% Silver.

The entry methodology allocation includes 69% counter trend entries and 31% trend entries.

The trade duration allocation includes 88% daytrade, 6% session trade, and 6% swing trade.

This is the Multicharts Portfolio Trader Summary for Stock Index Portfolio 18.

This is the Portfolio Calculator Summary for Stock Index Portfolio 18.

We are trading the One Million MNS 123 live as we go into July and will continue to post the live results in our Daily Blog.

The Stock Index Portfolio 18 is a smaller version of the One Million MNS 123 and the recommended setup for smaller accounts. It can be traded with Tradestation and Multicharts with E-minis and Micros. We also have a unique way to trade this strategy at any NinjaTrader connected broker but it requires Tradestation as a calculation engine.

We also recommend waiting for the portfolio to go through a losing streak or drawdown before turning on live trading.

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