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Trading the DAX in NinjaTrader 8 with Money Management Algorithms

The Pinpoint Entry Technique allows you to backtest your strategy and ask the question:

“What if I waited and entered the strategy when it was down X dollars?”

This is one of my favorite approaches to strategy testing and trading since it allows you to enter at a better price.

What are the results if you use this approach in your strategy?

If you are like me, you most likely see a normal amount of adverse excursion on most trades. To put it another way, you rarely ever get in a trade that goes in your favor from the very start.

The Pinpoint Entry Technique is part of the Money Management Algorithms and it allows you to test this scenario, of waiting for a better entry price, in your strategies.

In this video, we show how we take a long time DAX strategy and cut the drawdown into 1/3rd (from 18k to 5.6k). and boost the average trade profit by 75% using this simple Pinpoint Entry Technique

Sometimes it pays to wait!

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