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What to Trade on Election Night 2020

VSD Breakout and E-mini S&P NightTrader, a couple of the strategies in our All Strategy Access traded the 2016 election night very well. These are strategies that could potentially trade tonight.

VSD Breakout trades the E-mini Nasdaq and was the top strategy in September and October when trading both the long and short side. It has a knack for trading wide ranging volatility and capturing reversals.

On election night 2016 it took a profitable short trade and a profitable long trade.

E-mini S&P NightTrader is a long only E-mini S&P strategy that took two profitable trades on election night 2016.

It will be interesting to see if history repeats itself or does something entirely different.

If there is endless drama with no outcome after the election, VSD could potentially do very well as it did well when trading both the longs and shorts in a choppy market in September and October.

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