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TICK Count Trend Indicator for Day Traders

The TICK Count Trend indicator is an indicator that we use to day-trade the stock index futures. It uses the $TICK symbol to help determine the trend and to visually track the buying and selling programs in the market. This indicator measures the NYSE TICK ($TICK) by default but can also be setup on the Nasdaq 100 TICK ($TIKND), S&P 500 TICK ($TICKSP), Russell 2000 TICK ($TIKRL) and any market internal symbol that measures the TICK.


This indicator tracks the $TICKS above the Bull Threshold, the number of $TICKS below the Bear Threshold, and the number of neutral $TICKS in between the bull and bear threshold during the day using one minute charts. There are two indicators included in this setup: TICK Count Trend and TICK Count Trend Dynamic. The visualization of this indicator provides a view that can be used to trade both trend and counter trend strategies and is used in some of our trading systems to day-trade the stock index futures.  

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