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100K Live Portfolio Runup, Drawdowns, and Portfolio Adjustments

On March 3, 2022 - May 27, 2022, we had a nice run up of +$100K plus in our 200K Portfolio. We started the year in a drawdown of about 16% and then paused from February 18 - March 2 to research and update our portfolios. After we made our equity peaks on May 27th, we have entered into a 15% drawdown. The live 200K Portfolio is up about 19% on the year.

We go over the live results, the portfolio calculator results, and the new portfolio adjustment. The new portfolio will remove one Nasdaq strategy and add the two new strategies we released this week.

We will send out the new strategy updates to our subscribers before Monday's trades to Stock Index Portfolio and Micro Stock Index Portfolio subscribers. To become a subscriber, learn more here:

We go over the rationale for this portfolio adjustment in the video. If the portfolio results don't "bounce back" soon, we will pause trading and make additional adjustments and research. I want to avoid getting caught in a summer of chop if that is the mode of the market for the next few months.

It is good to be up on the year, especially when the stock market is down on the year. Additionally most of our strategies are day trade strategies - which limits our exposure but can also limit our ability to capture moves that happen overnight.

We anticipate a 0.75% - 1.00% rate hike this week on FOMC. CPI and Consumer Sentiment were released yesterday. The CPI hit its highest levels in 40 years at 8.6% and Consumer Sentiment was at its lowest level ever recorded.

The market spiked down in the pre-market and most of the session yesterday would be defined as a very choppy stop running market environment. We go over the difference in price action that happens at once in a short amount of time versus price action that becomes a multi-hour trend.

The Feds balance sheet is supposed to decrease in June with Quantitative Tightening (QT) but as of Wednesday, the Fed's balance sheet is up slightly on the month.

So far this has been an orderly bear market with no capitulation and a constant propping up of the market by the excess liquidity from the Fed (ie. plunge protection team).

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