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Equity and ETF Gap Continuation Trader

The focus the last couple of weeks has been focused on Gap Continuation trades on the futures markets. Today we highlight some recent backtests on equivalent equity markets including QQQ, SPY, GLD, TSLA, NVDA, QID.

QQQ is the Nasdaq Composite ETF SPY is the S&P 500 ETF GLD is the Gold ETF QID is the Ultrashort inverse of QQQ NVDA and TSLA are individual equities

The QQQ, SPY, NVDA, and TSLA are long only while QID is short only, which represent a long bias since it is an inverse ETF. The GLD setup takes long and short trades.

We discuss the returns and drawdowns as well as the average trade profit. The strategies can be customized to use percentage-based exits including Stop Losses and Profit Targets.

This is the type of strategy that could be used with scanners and hot lists and applied to markets that are in an uptrend or downtrend to capture the most recent trends.

The subscription for the Equity and ETF Gap Continuation trading system includes an unlimited number of equity and ETF markets and unlimited number of shares.

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