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A fully automated trading strategy for the Tradestation, NinjaTrader 8, and MultiCharts platforms. The Equity and ETF Gap Continuation Trader was originally developed for the futures markets. We can see how solid this pattern is based on the results and tests on equity equity and ETF markets such as QQQ, SPY, GLD, NVDA, TSLA QID.


This strategy has many settings including Maximum Daily Entries, Stop Loss, Profit Target, Trailing Stop Loss, and Profit Target. 


This strategy can be customized to take long trades in bull markets and short trades in bear markets. It is an ideal candidate to use with hot lists and market scanners to capture the trends of the current day. It is a fully automated trading systems that can be used to manage entries and exits and measure risk on each trade, making sure to follow stop losses, profit targets, and end of day exits for a disciplined trading approach.


The subscription for the Equity and ETF Gap Continuation Trader includes an unlimited number of ETFs and equities and unlimited number of shares.

Equity and ETF Gap Continuation Trader

  • Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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