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February 13, 2020 Early Trade Pavlovian Dip Buy and Hitting Profit Targets

The conditioned response to buy the dip continues. The Fed is accommodative so any bad news adds to the fuel on Wall Street that the Fed will ease further, making the bulls more bullish. Dip buying strategies hitting profits across the board after overnight fears of Coronavirus put the market at gap down.

Some of the early closed trades:

  1. SR CounterTrend II E-mini S&P +$775

  2. Mirror E-mini S&P +$475

  3. SR CounterTrend IIv2 1m E-mini S&P +$475

  4. SR CounterTrend IIv2 5m E-mini S&P +$475

  5. QS III E-mini Nasdaq +$875

  6. SR CounterTrend IIv2 1m E-mini Nasdaq +$475

  7. 60M Breakout E-mini Nasdaq -$525

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