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Live Trading Results for Automated Trading Systems Versus Hypothetical Models for April 2022

April was a good month for the Stock Index Portfolio 25.

In this video, we go over the live brokerage statement results for our 200K Portfolio for April 2022. We also look at the total live results from the brokerage statement versus hypotheticals since March 3, 2022 for the Stock Index Portfolio. We started live trading in the Stock Index Portfolio 25 on March 3, 2022.

We also go over the Year to Date results for the 200K Portfolio.

From the beginning of the year through February 18, 2022, we were down on the year. We adjusted our portfolio to focus on our best stock index futures trading strategies. We have traded the current setup since March 2022 to put us back at equity peaks in live trading on the 200K Portfolio.

Its good to be at equity peaks in our trading considering the bear market environment we are in with Covid, supply chain issues, inflation, quantitative tightening, and the war in Ukraine.

The Stock Index Portfolio can be traded with E-minis or Micros. Learn More.

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