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Live Trading System Signals on August 25, 2022 - Robot 2022 NQ Big Winner and Comeback Rally

Big comeback today in extremely difficult price action with V Reversals and constant stop running retracements. We were not up much but we were profitable and it is good to tread water in this type of market.

Robot 2022 NQ was the big winner on the day getting in near the open and holding until the close. Most of our longs were stopped out but the winning trades were bigger than the losing trades. Tick Reversal hit new equity peaks. TICK Pullback and and VT NQ were other nice winners. VT NQ had a great entry on one of the pullbacks.

The 200K Portfolio was up $160 and the 50K Portfolio was up $40.

We go over the price action related to the V Reversal mean reversion and stop running and how trends can accelerate. Last night around 2:17 am EST the Nasdaq jumped 95 points in one minute. Our 60M Breakout NQ had 30 points of slippage. With that much slippage we underperform the hypotheticals on these types of days. That trade was frustrating because it was 2.5 points away from a profit target and then it rolled over and hit its stop loss.

We finally get some Jackson Hole resolution tomorrow as Jay Powell speaks at 10 am EST. The bullish liquidity wants to drive this market higher and the price action is strong (even with the steep pullbacks). The mismatch between technicals and fundamentals are difficult to understand. When in doubt we go with price action.

This stealth bull move is starting to breakout to the upside and I am anticipating a big breakout move tomorrow unless the Jay Powell surprises. I am not sure what the big mystery is about Jackson Hole. The Fed policy is clear but maybe it will be a catalyst for a trend.

Good feedback today. Here are some messages from Stock Index Portfolio 26 subscribers.

"it was very impressive trading day today with trading system. I was thinking , we might see 300 to 400 loss end of day but looks like it's closing in profit , I guess that's a power of algo trading. very impressive."

"I thought today was doomed, but this portfolio has really handled some insane chop incredibly well. Not amazing in that it's a huge day, but amazing in that it recovered so nicely for a win. I've really been impressed so far -- mostly in how it loses / handles suboptimal days -- but of course it still has the innate ability to crush the large days occasionally as seen Monday."

These are my thoughts as well. Handling the chop and managing risk in difficult market conditions is key. We manage risk on a portfolio level and are looking for a good trend day as we have four trading days left in August.

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