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Live Trading System Signals on November 7, 2022 - Nice Comeback

The 200K Portfolio was up $1,550 and the 50K Portfolio was up $325 today. The hypotheticals were +$2,235 and $670 respectively. I thought the automation and fills were more in sync. I am double checking the results on hypotheticals to determine why there was a bigger difference.

Tick Pullback NQ had a big day capturing 100 points in the Nasdaq futures.

Zig Zag NQ had one of its worse days on the day we started. We trade it in the context of the portfolio and if you traded the Stock Index Portfolio 18 MIT without the BLITZ setup, tomorrow is an even better day to start the BLITZ setup with 10 additional strategies since the sum of those 10 strategies were down on the day.

It was good to profitable on the day and break our five day losing streak from last week.

It was also good to be profitable on a Monday which can be one of the more challenging trading days of the week lately.

We had quite a few long positions going at the end of the day. A little bit of follow through would have generated some nice gains. The markets are very efficient right now and efficient markets can be more challenging to trade.

The markets were also challenging in October and the set of strategies we are trading now did well in October.

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