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New Strategy Zig Zag NQ and Strategy Update Tick Reversal NQ 2023

New Strategy - Zig Zag NQ

Zig Zag E-mini Nasdaq is a new fully automated trading system that we are releasing today. It will be sent out to current portfolio subscribers in the next 1-2 days.

This strategy trades very differently than any of our other trading systems and provides diversity to our current approach.

I am the biggest skeptic and critic of some of my strategies as this strategy was developed in May 2022, We have seen a parabolic equity curve since it was released. The strategy only works since May 2021. The out of sample results since May 2022 are better than in sample development from May 2021-May 2022.

It has a short track record though and I haven't traded it yet.

It's a strategy that could be traded separately outside of the portfolio. It is best to wait for a drawdown first.

I go over the strategy in detail in the video.

We no longer offer individual strategy subscriptions. Individual strategies are only available in the portfolios.

Strategy Update - TICK Reversal 2023 NQ

TICK Reversal NQ has been updated to include an Advance Decline line filter. The update is TICK Reversal 2023 NQ.

There are two data series added $ADNDD and $ADD, one minute time intervals. We simply apply a short term moving average filter to each to confirm the short term trend, reduce the number of trades and improve the trading system results.

We also open up the L1 input.

We discuss the data needed to setup this strategy.

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