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November’s Opportunity and October 2020 Results.

There hasn’t been a losing month in November in the All Strategy Access 77 and there hasn’t been a losing November in most of the portfolios since 2010.

The price action and end of month setup for October reminds me of July where there was an extreme amount of chop at the end of the month followed by massive gains in August.

The price action was frustrating! Markets don’t typically bounce big every time there is a new low with repeated bounces many times in one day, as we witness in the Nasdaq.

Starting a portfolio during a drawdown on an end of month basis is one of our favorite setups.

The 25K-50K Portfolio hit a worse case drawdown yesterday. We wait for a bounce as so many of the strategies that have been solid performers in the portfolio have gone into a losing streak at the same time. NightTrader has struggled the most. We often see a bounce on a new month after a losing month. We are holding for a bounce.

The SR CounterTrends, some of our favorite strategies, have struggled since the beginning of the pandemic with more V patterns in the market than waves. This has also affected the trading systems results.

We are familiar with mean reversion of price action but I have also observed mean reversion of market behavior as we discuss the price action and Portfolio Results for October as well as the November setups in the video below.

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