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Seven Strategy Portfolio Taking Advantage of Choppy Mean Reversion Futures Market

This video includes a seven-strategy portfolio setup that we are introducing in order to give context to the Stock Index Portfolio 30/33 Setup for March 1, 2024 that will be posted later today. The second post for the new portfolio is here.

This setup includes seven Nasdaq Trading Systems that have posted a hypothetical gain (not live results) of +$51K on the year (with just seven strategies)! We have continued to look for intra-day trends in our live trading but it has become more clear how much mean reversion has been introduced since January 2022.

Since January 2022, there has been an increase in Chop, V-Reversals, and mean reversion patterns in general during the day session while we see overall trends in the market that produce net gains for longer term trends, occurring very late in the day, including the afterhours as well as the pre-market.

Perma chop seems to be the new norm but we are not going all in. We show how to merge this with the Stock Index Portfolio 27 in the next posting later today.

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