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Software subscriptions for self directed traders

Capstone Trading Systems offers software subscriptions that are available to self-directed traders using the Tradestation or Multicharts platforms. Software subscription files are digitally delivered. Self-directed software subscriptions are traded at the discretion of the subscriber. Support and strategy updates are included during the term of the subscription. Live data feeds, dedicated servers, and platform logins as well as basic technical skills are needed to manage fully automated trading systems during any market condition as well as handling disconnects, platform crashes, exchange rejects, and re-synchronization.

managed accounts services to trade it for you

Capstone Futures Group offers full service managed accounts to Qualified Eligible Participants with a minimum accounts size of 250K. Managed accounts are professionally traded and “managed for you” through third party trading. After the account is setup and funded at the broker, day to day trading is handled by Capstone Futures Group. Data feeds, dedicated servers, and platform logins are not needed. Daily results are posted in our daily live videos as well as your individual brokerage statement.

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