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Tradestation 10 Tutorial - Adjusting Automatic Backup Settings to Prevent Trading Disconnects

One problem I have seen with Tradestation users getting disconnected from live trading are the default settings for automatic backups. The Tradestation default is to automatically run a backup on Monday at 12:01 am. We automate trading systems 24 hours per day in the futures markets from 5pm on Sunday until 4pm on Friday (CST). We don't want to be disconnected during that time.

NightTrader is one of our strategies that could be trading during that time period. We have a list of strategies that can trade futures starting Sunday night at 5pm CST during the Asian and European sessions.

This time period would not be an issue for equities traders.

When Tradestation performs an automatic backup, then you are disconnected from the data and trading connection. This is okay on the weekend or if you are not currently setup for automated trading. Once you are disconnected, you must manually re-sync automation for any open trading positions.

Disconnects during trading can happen but setting your automatic backups to Saturday instead of Sunday can be one way to minimize disconnections. You can also turn off automatic backups and perform them manually.

When adjusted Tradestations automatic backup, there are two timeframes - Weekly and Monthly. Both timeframes need to be adjusted.

Using a VPS or Dedicated Server can also reduce the number of disconnects from local internet connections. Local internet connections are less reliable than a commercial connection that you will get with a VPS or Dedicated Server.

This is a Tradestation 10 Tutorial Tip and Trick.

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