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Tradestation 10 Tutorial - How to Setup a Connection to a Remote Computer for Automated Trading RDP

We discuss the basics on how to use RDP in Windows to connect to a remote computer.

The benefits of a remote computer such as a VPS or dedicated server allows you to setup your trading computer at a physical location near your brokers servers. You also have redundant and reliable power and internet.

The futures exchanges are in Chicago but my dedicated server is in New York since the Tradestation data servers are in New York.

When you rent a remote computer such as a dedicated server or VPS, you will be given an IP address, username, and password. This information is placed in the Windows RDP program to login and access your remote computer from your desktop computer.

You can also login from a phone, table, or any other computer. I have a laptop with a cellular connection in case my local internet goes out.

When you login to your remote computer, you can copy and paste files from your desktop directly onto your remote computer.

We also show how you can use all the monitors on your desktop computer while you are remotely logged into your VPS.

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