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Trading System Signals 11/29/2023

The trading system signals for 250K Portfolio (Portfolio 48) were down on the day -$3,962.50. The metals were the highlight with a gain of $2,875 on two Gold strategies and 3 Silver strategies. Crude Oil took one trade and was down -$825. The stock indexes were down -$6012.50. We released this portfolio on the 17th of November after the stock market had been in trend mode. It has been relatively quiet with no net gain this week and during last weeks holiday week with toneless sideways choppy price action intra-day and a VIX closing at 12.98

We are nearly at a point of synching up with the portfolios on a drawdown alert as the portfolio is in a $6,330 drawdown. A $3700 end of day or intra-day drawdown will put us at our entry target. Phasing in intra-day is more tricky if the market is moving fast so the market conditions will also determine how we phase in if we do enter the portfolio intra-day.

We have added Cobra Crude to the Portfolio and it will be Portfolio 49 with this additional strategy.

The Stock Index Portfolio was down -$4,140 on the E-minis and -$415.75 on the Micros. There were 5 S&P trades and 5 Nasdaq trades today in the Stock Index Portfolio 27. The Emini and Micro trades matched. The Portfolio is in a 7k drawdown and near our drawdown entry alert.

There is one trading day left in November before we enter the final trading month of 2023.

The Nasdaq futures were within 50 points of hitting the highs in 2023 before pulling back. We have already had quite the Santa Claus rally. Is there enough buying power left to drive the market higher again or will the grinch step in to ignite the bears as we close out 2023.

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