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Trading System Signals on 01/30/2024

The 250K, 50 Strategy Portfolio hypothetical trading system signals were +$1,390 on the day. The last equity peak was last Tuesday. The portfolio went through about a -$7,700 drawdown and then about a +$6,500 runup since the last drawdown so far this week and is about -$1,200 from equity peaks last Tuesday while we wait for a drawdown entry alert for live trading.

In the process of waiting we continue to research and have a 60 strategy portfolio that we will trade once we finalize the research and may get a drawdown entry alert sooner than the 50 strategy setup. It includes three new markets including Euro Currency, Soybeans, and Coffee.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-mini hypothetical trading system signals were -$695.00

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro hypothetical trading system signals were -$67.50.

250K Portfolio Summary

The Nasdaq strategies were 2 for 3 and -$225 while the S&P strategies were 2 for 4 and -$125 on the day.

SR Counter Trend Crude Oil strategies were early winners while Cobra Crude longs gave some back at the end of the day with Crude Oil hitting +$565 going 2 for 4 on the day.

EVP-1 Gold was the trade of the day, shorting at just the right time to capture +$1,175 on the day.

Tomorrow is FOMC and we will turn on FOMC Trader for live trading for the last trading day of the month.

We don't trade our portfolios on FOMC but we plan on trading FOMC Trader. The results for FOMC Day do not count towards runups or drawdown since we zero out results for FOMC Day in our Portfolio Calculator and it is part of our systematic trading to not trade on FOMC Day unless we have a strategy like FOMC Trader.

Our website has been recently Reset so there are many more strategies and content that will be added back soon.

The V-Reversals lost today in this pre-FOMC trading day. We prefer to wait for several losers before starting a new strategy instead of starting a strategy at equity peaks.

Some of my latest research is finding a Universal V-Reversal trading system for all markets.

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