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Trading System Signals on 02/22/2024

The VIX is up on the week while the S&P and Nasdaq are at or near record highs. If the VIX closes above 14.24 tomorrow, it will be the second weekly gain in the VIX.

We did not trade live today on the NVDA earnings and massive gap up. The gap up and continue pattern was a popular trade the last few years that was very profitable, but the last 6 months, gap ups have mostly generated chop. Today was an exception from the last six months as the hypothetical results were +$3,375 for the 250K Portfolio, 67 Strategy setup.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-mini was up +$6,682.50 in hypothetical signals.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro was up +$669.25 in hypothetical signals taking the same trades as the E-mini.

We paused live trading the last couple of days as we get ready for March. March through May is one of the best trading periods historically for trading systems.

We published some of the latest results for Viper NQ, our top E-mini Nasdaq trading system. We would like to sync up with Viper NQ Option 5. It had one winner and one loser today. With this setup we can minimize our risk to 0.5% per day.

The day session range was 45% of the entire point gain in the Nasdaq. The last hour low yesterday through today's high was 700 points in the Nasdaq. The gain in the Nasdaq of over 3% was the biggest gain in over a year. The day session open to day session close was 132 points or about 27% of the day's point gain.

The Gap Up flattened out the day trade trend in the E-mini S&P to the extent that there was only one signal in the S&P. DT-M4 was successful in capturing a long trade signal on a dip buy.

The pattern that has worked the last few months continues to be strong with the biggest gains happening at the very end of the day and overnight. The price action in the market has been unusual the last 3 months from an intra-day perspective.

The difference between the daily bar trend versus the intra-day price action is bigger than I have ever seen it. The daily bar trend is incredibly strong while the intra-day price action has been extremely choppy. It has been a stealth bull market from a day trade perspective.

Market patterns go in cycles more frequently than trends change. The market can still move much higher but I don't anticipate the gains will continue mostly at night. Our trading systems focus on day trade patterns and we are looking for a cycle where there are more day trade trends.

We have added commodity markets this month including Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Coffee, and Soybeans but there are very few signals in those markets lately to provide diversity.

The market cap gain of NVDA was larger than any market cap gain of any stock in a single day and 60 billion away from $2 trillion. Its market cap is now greater than the GDP of Canada.

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