Trading System Signals on April 26, 2022 - Short Selling to Equity Peaks

50K Portfolio 1 Micro SI 25 (LIVE) = +$1,420

200K Portfolio 6 Micro SI 25 (LIVE) = +$8,650

It was a nice day to be an active trader and short stocks and stock index futures. The Stock Index Portfolio 25 is at brand new equity peaks with good short trades in the Nasdaq and S&P futures.

5 out of 6 Nasdaq strategies were profitable.

3 out of 3 S&P strategies were profitable.

There are three trading days left in the month.

The Nasdaq futures are at the lows on the year taking at the March lows. We had anticipated this. The S&P futures are still above their February lows.

We are starting to see some nice trends on the downside. Earilier this year when the market sold off, there were an unusual number of bounces in the market. As we approach May, we have to consider what the Fed will do. Reducing the balance sheet by 95 billion per month, increasing interest rates, with inflation running rampant, can all send stocks much lower.

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