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Trading System Signals on February 18, 2022

50K Portfolio, 1 Micro SI 40 (LIVE) = -$1,200

200K Portfolio, 2 Micro SI 40 (LIVE) = -$3,600

(Based on open positions that can change by the close)

We increased scale on the 200K today as we were near a worse case drawdown and had a 3 x micro loss instead of 2.

This continues to be the hardest market to trade that I can remember. The market continues to reverse against all of our positions all week long. This price action and these index levels and point value reversals are unprecedented as we continue to adjust.

After we run the latest Portfolio Calculator results later today, we may choose to pause trading until the market is less chaotic and more tradeable.

We have been trading small but the volatility is so high, the P/L remains fairly large for the account size. Our weekend research could potentially dictate reducing position size to zero in line with our trade small or not at all right now.

Removing our liquidity and trading business from such a predatory market makes sense at times like this. Thanks to traders like us, the CME Group is one of the strongest stocks in the market.

The dip buyers continue to illegitimize the market thanks to the Fed. The Federal Reserve has created no value with its monetary policy and only delayed the inevitable while debasing the US Dollar. As traders, we have to trade whatever market we are given and sometimes we pause trading. 2022 has been a more than challenging so far.

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