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Market Depth Indicator

The Capstone Market Depth Indicator is an indicator that keeps track of the total bids and offers as well as their ratios. It can be used to find short squeezes in the E-mini S&P and other markets. In the video example we show a live trade from January 29 in the E-mini S&P, going long at 2632.25 and exiting at 2643.00. The turning points based on the bids and offers were very clear. There are additional training videos to show this.


This indicator is ideal for traders who like to consolidate information in the order book and Super DOM and keep track of the order flow. It provides a trading tool to keep track of the total bids and offers throughout the trading session. This indicator requires Level II data and is ideal for the Tradestation and NinjaTrader platform.

Market Depth Indicator

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Market Depth
Market Depth Indicator
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