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Daily Trading System Results April 13, 2022

50K Portfolio 1 Micro SI 25 (LIVE) = +$1,630

200K Portfolio 6 Micro SI 25 (LIVE) = +$9,800

We joined the bullish agenda for the day and are flat at the close. We rode long trades all day for a steady up trend. It can be a time for seasonal strength in the market. Also, going into holidays, markets seem to have the tendency to melt up.

Five of six Nasdaq strategies were profitable.

Three of four S&P strategies were profitable.

The bulls are winning with Fed money. It will be interesting to see what happens if the Fed starts to reduce its balance sheet next month as they have stated and how that will equalize trading. Right now the bulls seem to ultimately get their way regardless of the fundamentals with an exponential entitlement factor based on classical bullish analysis and a dismissal of monetary policy and inflation.

Riding an uptrend all day like this after so much chop can be challenging. Your emotional desire is to grab profits too soon. In systematic trading, you have to be consistent so that you can maximize trades when they are going in your direction and the market remains favorable.

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