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Live Trading System Signals on 02/27/2024

The live trading system signals on the day for the 250K Portfolio were +$120 versus a hypothetical result of +$190. We are trading the Viper Trading System Option 5 with a $600 stop loss and $1200 profit target. I thought we might hit that profit target today. There was no follow through as the market remains compressed. Some of the other Viper setups hit their $600 profit target.

The market seems to be waiting on PCE, another inflation reading, this week.

The hypothetical results for the 67 Strategy setup that we did not trade live was -$3,213.75

The hypothetical results for the Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-mini was -$462.50.

The hypothetical results for the Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro was -$79.50 as the DT-M4 did not show a trade on the Micro ES while it did show a winning trade on the E-mini ES of +$350.

The highlight of the day was DT-M4 E-mini S&P, V-Reversal 24 Combo, Viper NQ, and Gap Continue. We go over the highlights of what is working in this market environment.

Highlights of What is Working in this Market

Some of the highlights from yesterday were the TICK Chop and NEWS Chop strategies. Obviously, we are in a narrow range choppy, V-Reversal environment where strategies with tight profit targets can be advantageous.

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