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Live Trading System Signals on March 11, 2024

The 250K Portfolio was up about +$2k today to extend our gains on the month. There is still one position that will close shortly before the session ends. This represents trading about 1/2 of a full E-mini contract on the Stock Index Portfolio 30.

The market was very choppy today and the strategies did well managing the chop.

The V-Reversal I and II strategies were the highlight of the day, hitting profit targets on dip buying.

CPI will be released tomorrow in the pre-market.

I wanted to wait for the CPI report to be released before adding any of the precious metals to the 250K Portfolio.

We released the Precious Metals Portfolio this weekend. It was up $575 on the day. CPI can generate a lot of pre-market chop in the last couple of years and the trades can be sloppy on CPI. It is possible the metals strategies would do well on the news but waiting for this report to pass before adding Gold and Silver strategies to the 250K Portfolio.

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