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Short Trades and Live Trading System Signals on April 17, 2024

The One Million MNS was up about $9,200 on the day or 0.92%. The 250K Portfolio was up $1,840. The Stock Index Portfolio 18 was up $3,855.

Momentum Reversal NQ, VSD Mean Reversion NQ, and EVP-1 NQ were three Nasdaq strategies that captured the short side on some big moves between 100 - 200 points. There always has to be the massive V-Reversal stop run on down days like today to create some chop. We saw the Nasdaq futures rally 110 points in about 9 minutes starting at 2:37 pm EST before the market rolled over again.

The Nasdaq futures were down -1.22% while the S&P futures were down -0.61%. The Nasdaq futures are up 2.25% on the year. We are close enough now to see a potential test of the 2023 closing price by the end of the month.

NVDA, Gold, and Bitcoin were all down on the day as well with 30 Year Bonds up on the day for at least a one day relief as Treasury futures prices have accelerated to the downside since the beginning of April (with interest rates moving higher).

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