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Trading System Signals 01/12/2024

The live trading system signals for the 250K, 53 Strategy Portfolio was -$9,325 today. We gave back almost half of the weekly gains in a rather narrow range with some of the ugliest charts and toneless market environment I have seen in awhile. We were out of sync with the systems this week and today with some disconnects and efforts to re-sync with worse results than our hypotheticals.

​Two weeks into the year, we are slightly up on the month, quarter, year. We are up about 1k on the year as the first trading week had four losing days in a row (last Monday was a holiday) while this week, we had four winning days in a row, followed by a larger than average losing day, today, on a Friday going into a holiday. 

It's a disappointing way to end the week but it's good to at least be up on the year. Some additional perspective is all markets are pretty ugly and random right now. We are still in holiday mode it seems with a carryover from 2023's price action with very narrow ranges and a dead VIX. We have also traded Gold, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Silver. Those markets have some pretty ugly and random charts as well with losses today in Gold and Silver.

The price action that we have seen the first four trading days of the year as well as today is difficult and the subject of my research.

It's one of those day's that your gut tells you to take off and you wish you would have. Monday is the MLK holiday so next week will be a holiday week with only four trading days.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-mini hypotheticals were down -$4,212.50

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro hypotheticals were down -$421.00 with the same trades as the E-minis. 

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