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Trading System Signals on 01/26/2024

The hypothetical trading system signals for the 250K Portfolio (50 Strategies) was down -$677.50 on the day. The hypothetical drawdown is -$7,800. The S&P was +$987.50 while the Nasdaq was -$2,815 and Crude Oil was +$1,150. Still waiting for a drawdown entry alert in what continues to be an extended static, low VIX market environment. The news events next week could generate some strong price movements.

The hypothetical trading system signals for the Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-mini was -$605 while the hypothetical trading system signals for the Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro was -$17.75. The Micros did better once again today as the DT-M4 entered at a better price. Lately the Micros have done better than the E-minis in the signaling.

I thought we were in for a Key Reversal on the week in the Nasdaq futures as the one minute charts showed several head and shoulders patterns. The Nasdaq futures are only about 40 points higher than the 17:00 close from last Friday. The Nasdaq took out all time Nasdaq back adjusted futures contract highs on Wednesday by about 90 points and then made topping patterns on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday intra-day. Another 50-100 points lower and the weekly chart would have flashed a Key Reversal.

The VIX was down -0.19 today while all three stock index futures (S&P, Russell, Nasdaq) were also down on better than expected PCE.

Crude Oil SR Countertrends started dip buying and had some nice entries today as Crude Oil strategies were a highlight going 4 for 5.

Next week will conclude January's trade on Wednesday as the month of January has continued similar to the end of 2023 with low VIX patterns. Next week we get a list of economic data and eartins that will include FOMC on Wednesday, consumer confidence, Jobs Report, and top tech earnings in AAPL, MSFT, ALPHABET, and META. Next week could be wild and give the market a catalyst for some stronger price action.

We released V-Reversal Nasdaq this week. V-Reversal I was down -$545 today and V-Reversal IV was down -$500 yesterday. These are the two we are tracking for potential portfolio allocation.

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