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Live Trading System Signals on 04/23/2024

The Stock Index Portfolio 18 surged today, up +10.1K per E-mini and is up 18K per E-mini since our drawdown entry alert on April 10. The One Million MNS was up 0.9% while the 250K Portfolio was up +$1,800 on the day. The Micro Stock Index Portfolio was up about $1K per Micro and up +$1.8K since the drawdown entry alert on April 10.

Most of the gain were overnight and the strategies that capture the most profit entered during the European session. The VSD NQ was responsible for over half the gains. After the gap up and first hour of trade, the market was sideways for most of the day. We have seen this pattern before and why we have implemented a strategy like VSD to capture those gap up moves in the overnight session. The market worked to pullback at the end of the day while moving to all time highs in the after hours session.

This stealth bull market patterns that works to chop the day session and put in the gains in the pre, overnight, and post market timeframes has been a pattern we have seen since November that has come back this week with two gap ups in a row. This is typically bullish and requires more overnight strategies to capture the trade.

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