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Live Trading System Signals on April 22, 2024

The One Million MNS 110 was down -1% while the 250K Portfolio was down -$2,070 to maintain slight gains on the month. The Stock Index Portfolio 18 leads the way on the month. Even being down -$1,355 today, it is up +8.6K since the drawdown entry alert on 4/10/2024.

There were some positives today as the S&P strategies were strong. The Nasdaq SR CounterTrends were very close once again to calling the short trade at the open, being stopped out right at the turning point and a long list of SR CounterTrend NQs the last few days put us in a position to extend our gains, with good positioning, but were stopped out, and treading water so far on the month. The strategies would have benefited from slightly larger stop losses in recent trade. We are still up on the month after starting intra-day on a drawdown alert on 4/10/2024.

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