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Gap Continuation NQ is our top trading system as we enter the second half of 2024. This trading system is traded in our Market Portfolios and can be traded individually. This strategy is developed to capture breakout moves on the long and short side in the E-mini Nasdaq or Micro futures.


It is our top strategy to answer the questions, "If you have to pick one strategy, which one would you trade?" and "Which strategy is best for prop firm trading challenges?"


Gap Continuation 2020 NQ gives us the opportunity to enter trades, manage risk, and stay with trades that are moving in a favorable direction. The goal is to capture big moves efficiently and to manage risk. There is a level of selectivity and patience that is necessary when using a trading system to prevent over trading and to minimize drawdowns. 


Gap Continuation 2020 NQ finds the opportunities in the market to capture risk adjusted returns. 


The Stock Index Portfolio uses multi-strategy diversification in the futures markets to provide a unique asset class for quantitative traders seeking to take advantage of fluctuations in market prices. Strategies in the portfolio are designed to capitalize on different market environments, regimes, volatility levels, and trends.


This portfolio minimizes overnight risk with 95% of the strategies entering and exiting positions intra-day. The portfolio can be customized to eliminate all overnight exposure so that all trades are closed by the end of the session.

Long and short trades using a combination of diverse entry and exit techniques look for opportunities in bullish and bearish markets regardless of volatility levels. 

The latest Stock Index Portfolio 18 was released on June 25, 2024, and includes 5 E-mini S&P, 10 E-mini Nasdaq, 2 Gold, and 1 Silver trading system. This portfolio is developed to work in Tradestation and Multicharts.


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