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Portfolio Diversification Through Multi-Market, Multi-Strategy Trading

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Automated Trading Systems

Capstone Trading Systems provides a full range of automated trading strategies on the Tradestation, NinjatraderMultiCharts and MultiCharts.net platforms.

Market Portfolios

The Capstone Trading System Market Portfolios provide a diversified trading approach through multi-strategy automation by trading multiple markets using multiple trading methodologies. Explore the different portfolio setups or customize your own portfolio with the Portfolio Calculator.

Money Management Algorithms

The Money Management Algorithms also known as the Equity Curve Algorithms is a tool that we began developing in 2005 and finished the first revision in 2011. This is a tool that we continue to research and upgrade.


The Capstone Market Depth Indicator is an indicator that keeps track of the total bids and offers as well as their ratios.


4 Tips to Prepare For Trading Futures

4 Tips to Prepare For Trading Futures

Trading futures can be exciting. But it can also be a little daunting at first. Whether you're hoping to make futures trading an important part of your life over time or to pursue a supplementary income now that you have money to invest, there is a lot for you to...

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